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Reminder: Ibanez Guitar Festival in Gutenstetten/Germany, June 18th

Just wanted to remind everyone reading this of the Ibanez Guitar Festival, happening on June 18th in Gutenstetten/Germany. The IGF is what the name says – a celebration of Ibanez and Ibanez-players! It definitely will be worth it going there! I was at the last one in 2013, and the billing include Animals As Leaders, […]

A lick a day: Day3/Lick3

And here is the next example of our “New lick every day for one week” series. Hopefully, this has, so far, been fun for you. As I said before, you can replace my examples with any that you like more, or that fit better style- or level-wise. Here is lick 3: This is a descending […]

Goodbye, Mr. Nelson

It’s hard for me to put into words how shocked I was when I heard about Prince passing away. I was just in the process of preparing for an interview with Paul Gilbert for GUITAR magazine (the interview was postponed on short notice, I did that one a week later). Right before it was supposed […]

One Year of Heavy Rootation

It’s incredible to think that “Heavy Rootation” was released a year ago now, that year has passed so quickly. I still am amazed about how it all came together, and am eternally grateful to the amazing Sebastian Kulik… without him, this one wouldn’t have happened. He was very involved in the writing, arrangements, and of […]

Guitar Walkthrough: Ibanez RGDIX6

The newest guitar I am using is an Ibanez RGDIX6.  (click the link for more info and specs at the official Ibanez-website) I first saw this model in January, at the dealer presentation Meinl did for Ibanez. There are three different versions: The seven-string one (blueish-green top), the six-string one (brown, like mine) and a […]

10th anniversary as an editor for GUITAR magazine

Last week, the newest issue of GUITAR magazine hit stores (issue 4/16), and it has a special meaning for two reasons: It’s the 20th anniversary edition, so the mag has been going strong for 20 years now. I even remember seeing the very first issue at the newsstands, and it’s amazing to consider that 20 […]

My favorite albums of 2015

I wanted to take a few minutes to list the albums I enjoyed the most in 2015. Please, before you read on: This list is not in any order of preference. I wouldn’t know how to put them into such an order anyway, it’s just a list of albums released in 2015 that I enjoyed […]