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Yet another album anniversary – “Not Of This Earth” by Joe Satriani

I recently wrote about the 25th anniversary of Steve Vai’s amazing “Passion & Warfare” album this year, and I am planning on a little series for the blog on that, hoping to get that to happen. However, there is another album-anniversary this year – “Not Of This Earth” by Joe Satriani is turning 30 this […]

Happy birthday, Passion & Warfare!

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 25th anniversary of “Passion & Warfare” by Steve Vai (actually, the album came out in Sept 1990, but the remaster is being released now, and Steve will do a special tour, playing the whole album every night). I remember when it came out, and how I […]

Buckethead is nuts! And I LOVE it!

A couple of weeks ago, I ran across this article, which says that since 2006 (when Tool released their most recent album, “10.000 days”), Buckethead has released 247 albums. Yes, you read that right. I was aware that he has put out a TON of albums, because I am trying to follow what he does, […]

Listening recommendations, Sept. 2015

Busy days here, so for now, all I’d like to share are my listening recommendations for Sept… music I have been listening to a lot recently! Sunstorm – House Of Dreams This is a band led by Joe Lynn Turner (former singer of Yngwie Malmsteen, Deep Purple amo.). It’s AOR-rock, and if you are into […]

Listening recommendation: No Guitar Is Safe podcast

Just a quick listening recommendation: Check out the “No Guitar Is Safe” podcast. It’s a podcast for and about guitar-players, hosted by Jude Gold of GP magazine. (Jude also is the current director of the GIT) So far, there are six episodes. In each episode, Jude sits down with a well-known guitar-player for an in-depth […]

Listening recommendations, August 2015

I took a few days off after the clinic to work on new songs for a new EP and relax some too, and in between, I got to listen to some really cool music..both new stuff and some older albums I am rediscovering. So… here are some recommendations! Act Of Defiance – Birth And The […]

Listening recommendations, July 2015

I wanted to take a break from the mini-lessons (by the way, there are several more episodes scheduled for automatic publishing, so new ones will go public at the blog shortly and automatically) and write about another set of albums I find myself listening to a lot right now. Some of it is new, some […]