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Mini-Lesson: Pitch Axis Theory

I have gotten several requests to go into the pitch axis theory and write about it, kind of like do a mini-lesson. Now, in case you are not familiar with the term – pitch axis is an approach or method in music theory that can result in some very refreshing and interesting melodic and harmonic […]

A lick a day, series 2, day 7: Conclusion and final lick

The final lick of this little series builds on the previous one: Again, we start with the basic D major arpeggio with the “gaps” filled in diatonically. So we have D on the D-String, F#, G and A on the G-String, and D, E and F# on the E-string. Here is the TAB of the […]

A lick a day, series 2, day 6: More string skipping

Todays lick was one of the examples in the last series of licks. It’s based on a D major triad utilizing string-skipping, which I picked up from Paul Gilbert. Check out his guitar-version of Pachelbel’s canon in D Major…he explained that on “Intense Rock 2” and used it in his guitar solo duringĀ  one of […]

A lick a day, series 2, lick 5: Hirajoshi

I used to practice and use a lot of wacky scales years ago, and it was a lot of fun to explore those… Joe Satriani and Steve Vai can do so much cool stuff with exotic scales, and that’s always inspiring. One that I really liked was Hirajoshi, which is a hemitonic pentatonic scale (that […]

A lick a day, series 2, Day 4

Todays lick combines the previous lick with some string-skipping with the “stretch pentatonic” (basically, a 3 NPS pentatonic). And here is the TAB: The stretch pentatonic (playing a pentatonic with 3 notes per string) is another thing I picked up from players like Greg Howe and Richie Kotzen. To avoid the note repetition when going […]

A lick a day, series 2, day 3: 3NPS Hybrid Picking

I mentioned Greg Howe in the first video of this series, and him and Richie Kotzen were quite influential for me back then. One thing I picked up from both was their use of hybrid picking, combining the pick and a finger or two of the right hand. They often did this with the pentatonic […]

A lick a day, series 2: Those “Eddie-harmonics”

Here is a fun little technique or sound effect you can try. I am not even sure whether you’d call this an actual lick, but hopefully, you’ll find this one fun to use! I am sure you are familiar with the basic technique, as Eddie Van Halen has used this several times. Basically, you softly […]