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Music update

KK, I have been writing about a lot of things recently, but of course, I wanted to give you all an update on the most important subject… the music! It’s been four months since “Heavy Rootation” was released, and of course, I was working on new music already even while we were waiting for the […]

Video footage from the most recent clinic

Thanks to Bee and Holger, who attended the most recent clinic at Rockland on 8-22, there is some video footage on Youtube now! So, without further ado, here are the available clips with some comments: “World Tonight”… the opening song usually, also the opening song of the album. “Lone Ranger” is a song that will […]

Mesa Clinic in late August

Hey guys, just a quick blog-post to let everyone know I’ll be doing my first clinic for Mesa Boogie at the Summer Rock Weekend @ Rockland Music in Witten, Germany on the 22nd of August. Looking forward a lot! I played there for Ibanez last year, and enjoyed my time there tremendously. Rockland Music is […]

Stories behind songs (“Heavy Rootation”)

The release of “Heavy Rootation” is finally getting closer (April 24th as a digital release, physical version at the same time or a tiny bit later, we’re working on it), and I have written about some of the songs and the inspirations behind them. And based on that, and a conversation about instrumental music yesterday, […]

“Black Hole”… behind the song

I just released the first track of the upcoming “Heavy Rootation” album in its entirety and for free for everyone. You can listen to it and download it at SOUNDCLOUD, or check it out on youtube: I also am aware that I wrote a “song walkthrough” for “Black Hole” a while ago. Still, I wanted […]

Heavy Rootation walkthrough: You Gave Me Color

Written: 2013Guitars used: Ibanez Andy Timmons AT10PEffects used: – When I was writing for this album, I wanted to be careful regarding the number of ballads on it. I love playing ballads, and the “Hidden Creek” album basically was a collection of only ballads, so this time, I wanted to hold back a little bit […]

Heavy Rootation walkthrough: Dream-quest

Written: 2013/14Guitar used: Ibanez JEM 7V7Effects used: Guitar rig and the EVH Phaser I love the lydian mode, not only because some of my favorite guitarists have used it so wonderfully (like Steve Vai in songs like “Answers” or Joe Satriani in “Flying In A Blue Dream”, and there are tons of other examples). It […]