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Video footage from the most recent clinic

Thanks to Bee and Holger, who attended the most recent clinic at Rockland on 8-22, there is some video footage on Youtube now! So, without further ado, here are the available clips with some comments: “World Tonight”… the opening song usually, also the opening song of the album. “Lone Ranger” is a song that will […]

Hopping onto the Pedaltrain

The German distributor for Pedaltrain pedalboards, FACE, was nice enough to provide me with a Novo 32 board for me to try out. So, a week before the clinic on 8-22, I invested a rainy afternoon into building a new pedalboard for the clinic. I used the to figure out the best size for […]


Some answers to questions that recently came in by email or here at FB

Guitar walkthrough, pt. 9: Ibanez JSA5

Before I get started writing about the instrument, check out the specs HERE. It’s weird… a lot of people act surprised when they see me with an acoustic guitar. Of course, with VM and the instrumental stuff, at least live, I mainly play electric guitars, and I guess I feel most comfortable with them. BUT… […]

Guitar walkthrough, pt. 8: Ibanez JS24P

  This is a rather recent addition (thank you so much, Stephan/Meinl!). It’s interesting too – Joe Satriani and his music surely was such a huge influence, yet when I tried a JS-model or two a few years ago, it simply didn’t “click” with me… I thought it sounded great, but they didn’t “grab” me […]

Recording blog Pt1

Just recently, I finally started tracking rhythm guitars for the new, upcoming instrumental CD. It’s kinda tough to do so, as there is SO much going on, and it’s not easy to find enough time to sit down and record. Part of the problem is my work mentality… I usually get quite a tunnel-vision, and […]

Guitar Walkthrough Part 7: RG3550MZ

This is another one of my main-guitars… the RG3550MZ. It’s just been discontinued, which is a bummer, because it truly is an awesome guitar. I have always loved RGs, and this is pretty much the epitome of RGs. It’s from the Prestige-Series, and apart from the killer-look (cosmo-black finish with a slight flake-effect… and nope, […]