A lick a day, series 2, day 7: Conclusion and final lick

The final lick of this little series builds on the previous one:

Again, we start with the basic D major arpeggio with the “gaps” filled in diatonically. So we have D on the D-String, F#, G and A on the G-String, and D, E and F# on the E-string.

Here is the TAB of the full lick:


So you start on the lowest note, ascend through all the notes (using a mix of picking and legato, picking only when you go from one string to the next), tap the G on the E-string and then go back down. The next time you ascend, you tap an A instead.

The idea is to tap different notes. A lot of times, when we create licks like this one, we tend to just go for a chord-tone for the tapped note, which might be the safest solution harmonically, but you can get some really nice sounds if you tap different notes on top.

As usual, try your own variations…start with a minor-based arp, or stick to the E-string when you get there and just go forth and back between the 3 notes there, with different tapped notes added etc.

I hope you enjoyed this second series of licks. Hopefully, some of these were interesting to you. The basic idea is: Try to learn new licks as often as you can (this goes for chords, riffs, songs etc too!) and apply them to your playing in order to make them a part of your musical vocabulary.

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