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A lick a day – Day 7, final lick and conclusion

Aaaaand here is the final example. Again, we are totally changing the subject with an arpeggiated melody with quarternote triplets and chords… this, obviously, is inspired by the melody in “I’m Buzzed” by Michael Landau (from the incredibly beautiful album “Tales From The Bulge”…check it out if you’ve never heard it!!) I’ll leave it up […]

A lick a day Day/lick 6

After a chord-progression to jam over and some different licks, let’s use a typical technical exercise though… string-skipping in D Major. Even though the focus with this kind of stuff should be on practicing a specific technique, nowadays I always try to have them sound good from a melodic standpoint. Believe me, I did my […]

A Lick a day Day/Lick 5

I mentioned before that you can and SHOULD keep some variety in the “a lick a day”-approach. No matter what you work on when you practice (like, for example, if you work on memorizing scale patterns, picking-speed etc.), the lick a day-thing is like a “dessert”, and you wanna throw in different things here. So […]

Reminder: Ibanez Guitar Festival in Gutenstetten/Germany, June 18th

Just wanted to remind everyone reading this of the Ibanez Guitar Festival, happening on June 18th in Gutenstetten/Germany. The IGF is what the name says – a celebration of Ibanez and Ibanez-players! It definitely will be worth it going there! I was at the last one in 2013, and the billing include Animals As Leaders, […]

A lick a Day: Day/Lick 4

  Here is the fourth lick in this one week-series. Once again: You can replace these examples with ANYTHING. The idea is to focus on learning one new thing each and every day. Even if you probably will forget a few of these, or never really use them a lot, if you only keep like […]

A lick a day: Day3/Lick3

And here is the next example of our “New lick every day for one week” series. Hopefully, this has, so far, been fun for you. As I said before, you can replace my examples with any that you like more, or that fit better style- or level-wise. Here is lick 3: This is a descending […]

A lick a day… Day 2/Lick 2

As promised yesterday, when I explained the concept behind this…experiment, here is the second lick. Again: These are all just examples. You can customize this to fit to your own level, taste, style and whatever you wanna work on. The basic idea is: Learn one new thing (lick, chord, riff, progression etc.) every day. Permutate […]