Monthly Archives: August 2015

Video footage from the most recent clinic

Thanks to Bee and Holger, who attended the most recent clinic at Rockland on 8-22, there is some video footage on Youtube now! So, without further ado, here are the available clips with some comments: “World Tonight”… the opening song usually, also the opening song of the album. “Lone Ranger” is a song that will […]

Blessings of the modern age… =)

It’s easy to forget how much the internet has changed our lives, especially if you were born after the mid 90s or so. I am not only talking about stuff like releasing your music yourself (also, recording it, using modern technology to accomplish stuff you used to need a huge expensive studio for), or accessing […]

Interview with Tools 4 Spirit (Text and audio)

Petra Jansen of Tools 4 Spirit recently has conducted an interview with me about my work as a guitarist, teaching, the “Heavy Rootation”-album and much more. It was thoroughly enjoyable, and I’d like to thank Petra and her team so very much for the support! The interview is in German language. You can read it […]

Listening recommendations, August 2015

I took a few days off after the clinic to work on new songs for a new EP and relax some too, and in between, I got to listen to some really cool music..both new stuff and some older albums I am rediscovering. So… here are some recommendations! Act Of Defiance – Birth And The […]

Hopping onto the Pedaltrain

The German distributor for Pedaltrain pedalboards, FACE, was nice enough to provide me with a Novo 32 board for me to try out. So, a week before the clinic on 8-22, I invested a rainy afternoon into building a new pedalboard for the clinic. I used the to figure out the best size for […]

Back in Rockland….

A few weeks ago, Meinl (the German distributor of Mesa Boogie) asked me whether I’d like to play a clinic for them at Rockland Music in Witten/Germany, and of course I immediately said yes, because Rockland is one of my favorite guitar stores. The staff, led by owner Schmale, is so incredibly nice, hospitable, friendly, […]

Some ideas for practicing (mini-series), Pt. 10 – Scales

This one got me thinking a lot, as it’s a tricky subject to write about. Why? Well, because I always recommend to my students to take their time when learning new scales, carefully adding them to their musical vocabulary. I do that because I know that exaggerating it can be quite a trap. When I […]