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Some ideas for practicing (mini-series), Pt. 9 – Permutations 2

In one of the earlier episodes of this mini-series, I wrote about permutations… “milking” a new lick, scale, pattern or exercise in order to get the most of it, changing the approach and how you play it, applying different sequences etc. This also applies to fingerings, or playing the same lick/run with different fingerings and/or […]

Mesa Clinic in late August

Hey guys, just a quick blog-post to let everyone know I’ll be doing my first clinic for Mesa Boogie at the Summer Rock Weekend @ Rockland Music in Witten, Germany on the 22nd of August. Looking forward a lot! I played there for Ibanez last year, and enjoyed my time there tremendously. Rockland Music is […]

That competition thing again…

I know I should prolly stay away from this topic. I once wrote a rant about it (negativity). I really much rather write about music, playing, stuff I love, and so I would usually stay away from this, yet this kinda makes me sad… Remember the video I posted in one of the most recent […]

TAB of a bit of “Crazy Joe” from Joe’s new album

Today, Joe Satriani is releasing his new album, Shockwave Supernova. I really recommend to check it out, and I also did an interview with Joe for GUITAR magazine, which you can check out in issue 8/15. I tabbed this part out sometime in June, but wanted to wait with posting this until the album was […]

Some ideas for practicing (mini-series), Pt. 8 – Express yourself

It’s funny that Rolling Stone magazine recently did this very cool little video with Joe Satriani, as it exemplifies another concept so well. Check it out: Basically, the idea is to express emotions or moods or even pictures with music. This is a GREAT way to check on your vocabulary, because when you write your […]

Justin Lowe

I was totally shocked last night when I read that Justin Lowe had passed away. Apparently, he commited suicide, after having dealt with quite a lot of problems recently. The letter he posted last month, when he left After The Burial, is a rather disturbing read, and I am incredibly sad that he apparently had […]

Some ideas for practicing (mini-series), Pt. 7 – Bore yourself

OK, I admit, that subject line might sound like a horrible suggestion. However, hear me out! It’s not about actually technically “boring yourself”, it’s about a process that may help to improve your phrasing a bit. It’s based on an article Steve Vai wrote many years ago, about vibrating a note for an hour (yes, […]