The guitars on Heavy Rootation (incl. track-list)

The album has a lot of different guitars on it, and I mixed them up quite a bit for the rhythm- and lead-tracks. I actually wrote down what guitar was used for what song, and I figured I’d share the list here. If you are into Ibanez-guitars, it might be interesting to listen to the tracks with the list in mind, as you can actually hear what each guitar sounds like.

In some cases, the sound and feel of a certain guitar dictated what I played very much, or even pushed the vibe of a song into a different direction. In any case, it was always very inspiring to pick one and then plug it in and sit down to record.

1. World Tonight

The rhythm guitar was done with the Ibanez Universe seven-string, the lead guitar was recorded with my trusty old early 90s RG450. I also used an Airplane Flanger and two Dunlop pedals (EVH Phase 90 and the EVH wah) on it.


2. Black Hole

Both rhythm- and lead parts were done with the Universe. Again, an Airplane Flanger was involved.


3. You Gave Me Colors

All guitars were done with the AT10P


4. No Right

The rhythm guitar, being a seven-string part, was again done with the Universe, the lead-guitar is my Ibanez RG3550…



The single guitar-track in this little solo-piece was recorded with the JEM 7V7 through an EVH Phaser…


6. Heart Of The Desert

…and the JEM also was the guitar I used for all tracks of this song.


7. Crimson Sky

The clean rhythm was done with the AT10P, the harmonics were recorded with my FRM100 tuned to an alternate tuning, lead guitar was done with the RG3550


8. Horizon Ahead

All guitars: “Old faithful”, the RG450


9. Southern Exposure

…which also was the guitar on this one.


10. Winter Skies

Another solo-piece. The one guitar-track was done with the AT10P…


11. Day And Night

The lead-guitar was recorded with the JEM 7V7


12. Pay By The Note

The Fireman… in standard tuning this time


13. World Tonight (Reprise)

Fittingly, this final bit of lead-guitar was done with the guitar that’s on the opening song… the Universe.



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