Monthly Archives: March 2015

A look back at… “Canyon Of Spirits”

It’s now about 4 weeks until “Heavy Rootation” will be released, and right now, I am already in the process of writing new songs, but also looking back at past recordings. One plan for the album was to include the original “Canyon Of Spirits” as a free bonus track. I did publish the song in […]

Stories behind songs (“Heavy Rootation”)

The release of “Heavy Rootation” is finally getting closer (April 24th as a digital release, physical version at the same time or a tiny bit later, we’re working on it), and I have written about some of the songs and the inspirations behind them. And based on that, and a conversation about instrumental music yesterday, […]

Listening recommendations, spring 2015

Just a quick post with some listening recommendations – music I currently enjoy listening to a lot, some of it very recent, some older stuff. Mestis – Basal Ganglia. This is an EP by a side-project of Animal As Leaders-guitarist Javier Reyes. Some beautiful songs on here. You can hear a strong AAL-vibe (extra low-strings, […]

Musikmesse 2015

Just a short post to inform everyone that I will be at Musikmesse in Frankfurt on April 17th and 18th for Ibanez. So if you’re at the Messe, make sure to visit the Ibanez-booth and say “Hi”, would love to meet you and talk, and there will of course be tons of awesome guitars, basses, […]

Guitar walkthrough: Ibanez RGKP6

I wrote about the RGKP6 last November, when I first received it from Ibanez. It now has become part of my collection, and I really enjoy playing it. It does take time to explore all the possibilities and get used to controlling the effects with the Kaoss pad, but once you do, there are so […]

Guitar walkthrough: Ibanez PGM80P

I love PGMs, and always have ever since first seeing one (I think it was in a guitar-mag back in the early 90s, or a catalogue). The RG-shaped, back-routing, the F-holes hiding the switch and volume-knob, the simplicity and elegance…really cool. Also, I love the different color-options… the basic white/black PGM301, the blue/pink one etc. […]

One year of D’Addario NYXL

It’s been about a year now since I received the first prototypes/trial-versions of the NYXL-strings, and ever since, they have become pretty much my favorite D’Addario strings. Which is quite impressive, as I have been using standard XLs for over 25 years now, but once I had put the first set of NYXLs onto the […]