Guitar walkthrough, pt. 9: Ibanez JSA5

jsa5-3Before I get started writing about the instrument, check out the specs HERE.

It’s weird… a lot of people act surprised when they see me with an acoustic guitar. Of course, with VM and the instrumental stuff, at least live, I mainly play electric guitars, and I guess I feel most comfortable with them. BUT… I do love acoustic guitars, both playing them and hearing them, and actually, there is a quite a bit of acoustic guitar in the music I recorded. If you’d hear some of the guitar tracks of the song “Dance With Fools” (Venus Meadow), you’d hear a plethora of acoustic guitar overdubs, melodies and textures. When we were recording the song, I sent Henning a TON of acoustic guitar tracks, and asked him to pick whatever he liked and what’d fit the mix.

Also, many of my songs were written on acoustic guitars, and I love to just pick one up and sit there for hours, writing, practicing, improvising. The songs on the “Hidden Creek” album were written almost entirely on acoustic guitars, and at least the first two songs are based mainly on those guitars. Also, Sara (singer of VM) and me occasionally are booked to play acoustic duo-shows, with her singing and me playing, so the acoustic guitar definitely is a part of my “musical DNA”.


The JSA I picked because of two occasions – a) I reviewed one a few years ago for GUITAR magazine, and liked it lots (back then, it was still the black-only version), and b) I spent quite some time at the acoustic section of a big store, trying out different ones.

The JSA plays incredibly nice, and sounds great, both acoustically and amplified. The Fishman-system in it makes it easy to quickly dial in different sounds, and it’s so easy to just plug in without having to worry about feedback etc… it’s basically “plug n play”. =)

I didn’t have the JSA around when I was recording the guitar-tracks for “Heavy Rootation”, and was actually considering re-recording some tracks or adding more acoustic overdubs, yet it was just a bit too late to do so. You can be sure to expect more acoustic guitars on upcoming releases, that’s for sure!

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