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Guitar walkthrough, pt. 9: Ibanez JSA5

Before I get started writing about the instrument, check out the specs HERE. It’s weird… a lot of people act surprised when they see me with an acoustic guitar. Of course, with VM and the instrumental stuff, at least live, I mainly play electric guitars, and I guess I feel most comfortable with them. BUT… […]

Guitar walkthrough, pt. 8: Ibanez JS24P

  This is a rather recent addition (thank you so much, Stephan/Meinl!). It’s interesting too – Joe Satriani and his music surely was such a huge influence, yet when I tried a JS-model or two a few years ago, it simply didn’t “click” with me… I thought it sounded great, but they didn’t “grab” me […]

10 Influential Albums – Questionaire

I was recently nominated to one of those “name 10 influential albums” questionaires on Facebook (thank you, Maik!) Instead of just posting the 10 (or more) titles there, I figured I’d post the list in a blog-post and comment a tiny bit more. Also, check out my posts about well-known and some lesser-known shred-albums, part […]