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Ibanez clinic @ Rockland Music Witten

On August 29th, I went to Witten to play an Ibanez clinic at Rockland Music in Witten/Germany. Also on the bill were Thomas Blug, Victor Smolski (Rage) and Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia). Just to give it away right away: I had a wonderful time there, and it was a blast to play for all the wonderful […]

Ibanez guitars

It’s been over a year now since I officially became a member of the “Ibanez-family”. However, I have been loving and playing Ibanez guitars for so many years now, so becoming an official Ibanez artist was a lot like coming home, in a sense. So many of the guitarists that inspired me even early on […]

Heavy Rootation walkthrough: You Gave Me Color

Written: 2013Guitars used: Ibanez Andy Timmons AT10PEffects used: – When I was writing for this album, I wanted to be careful regarding the number of ballads on it. I love playing ballads, and the “Hidden Creek” album basically was a collection of only ballads, so this time, I wanted to hold back a little bit […]

Heavy Rootation walkthrough: Dream-quest

Written: 2013/14Guitar used: Ibanez JEM 7V7Effects used: Guitar rig and the EVH Phaser I love the lydian mode, not only because some of my favorite guitarists have used it so wonderfully (like Steve Vai in songs like “Answers” or Joe Satriani in “Flying In A Blue Dream”, and there are tons of other examples). It […]

Heavy Rootation walkthrough: “Black Hole”

Written: 2012-14 (Kulik/Vandenberg)Guitars used: Ibanez Universe UV90PEffects used: Ibanez Airplane Flanger “Black Hole” is a great example of the collaboration with Sebastian, as he wrote some of the songs on the album. He sent me the first draft of “Black Hole” back in 2012 – back then it was written for and played on a […]

Heavy Rootation walkthrough: Day And Night

Written: Spring/Summer 2014 Guitar used: Ibanez JEM 7V7Effects used: Dunlop EVH Wah, Ibanez TS808, some Boss compressor, Digitech Whammy “Day And Night” is such a great example of the collaboration with Sebastian Kulik. Not only does he build the amps (and some of the pedals) that I play and understands better than anyone else what […]

Heavy Rootation album walkthrough: Crimson Sky

Written: 2005 Guitars used: Ibanez Fireman, Ibanez AT10P, Ibanez RG450 (“old faithful”)Effects used: Exodus Amps DOM, Exodus Eric Vandenberg Fire N Forget Wah I should at some point try to clear up the little “title confusion” regarding “Crimson Sky”, as there is a song with the same title by Venus Meadow, yet THAT song was […]