Monthly Archives: July 2014

Warm up – please!

I know, I know – you have heard that one a billion times before. Everyone mentions warming up, and of course, we all know it’s kinda important. However, I know for a fact that so many of us simply ignore that subject most of the time. My students do, people who ask me about it […]

Listening recommendations (2014 so far)

The year is more than half over, so I wanted to post a few listening recommendations… albums I have listened to and enjoyed a lot, which came out this year. If you do check them out, I hope you’ll enjoy them! Paul Gilbert -Stone Pushing Uphill Man Gotta love the cover, right? Well, I do, […]

Working on tone (Part 1, hopefully)

One thing I get asked about a lot is tone, like how to develop it, how to work on it. Sometimes, at a workshop/clinic, or when teaching, I might get into that topic a lot, even though at first, it seems to be less exciting than, say, speed licks. However, it is SUCH an essential […]