Monthly Archives: May 2014

Mini-lesson/quick lick: Sequenced melodic string-skipping II – Minor

Gee, what a title “Sequenced melodic string-skipping”… =) I figured though that that would be a good way of describing what it happening in this one. It’s actually a follow-up to a lick I posted a few weeks ago, HERE. If you haven’t tried that one yet, check it out. This is the minor-sounding version. […]

Tommy Tedesco

This is the very rough draft of an article I once wrote for GUITAR magazine. It never was published, so I wanted to share it here. Please forgive the “rawness”… =)   Tommy Tedesco – Hollywood Gypsy 1930-1997 It’s almost a tragedy – most of the people reading this introduction will not know who Tommy […]

A quick review of “Strange Beautiful Music”

I just finished reading “Strange Beautiful Music”, the musical memoir by Joe Satriani (co-written by Jake Brown). First of all, I had been looking forward to this book being published ever since I first heard about it sometime last year. I read back then that the focus would be on the MUSIC (afaik, it was […]

Recording blog Pt1

Just recently, I finally started tracking rhythm guitars for the new, upcoming instrumental CD. It’s kinda tough to do so, as there is SO much going on, and it’s not easy to find enough time to sit down and record. Part of the problem is my work mentality… I usually get quite a tunnel-vision, and […]