Monthly Archives: April 2014

All that negativity

This post may just open a can of worms… or might just be a “d’uh!” kinda statement. I am amazed and kinda morbidly fascinated by the amount of negativity you find these days, especially on the web, like in the music community there. Some recent things just brought this to mind again. – I was […]

Guitar Walkthrough Part 7: RG3550MZ

This is another one of my main-guitars… the RG3550MZ. It’s just been discontinued, which is a bummer, because it truly is an awesome guitar. I have always loved RGs, and this is pretty much the epitome of RGs. It’s from the Prestige-Series, and apart from the killer-look (cosmo-black finish with a slight flake-effect… and nope, […]

Ibanez Playlist at Spotify

Just a quick heads up… in case you are using Spotify, check out this: It’s a playlist full of great music by Ibanez-players. Of course, you have legendary guys like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, but there also are some newer or lesser-known endorsers on the lost. So… lots of awesome music to be heard. […]

Mini-Lesson: Basic sweep-exercise

A lot of students or people at workshops are interested in sweep-picking. Of course, that technique, to many players, still has an almost mythical vibe to it, and it is one of the more difficult techniques you can utilize in your playing, as it requires a big amount of synchronisation and a good muting technique. […]

Mini-lesson: Basic hybrid-picking

I can’t emphasize enough how much of a revelation it was for me when I got into hybrid-picking. Like so many other players, I at first associated the technique with just chordal playing, country, blues, and back then, I dismissed it.. and didn’t realize how much I was missing out. I wasn’t aware of any […]