Guitar walkthrough Part 3: Ibanez AT10P

(This is the third post about the guitars I use, related to my gear-page)



I think I first saw Andy Timmons’ signature model when he released “Ear-X-Tacy 2” (he did have prototypes on the artwork of his solo-debut though). Back then, I read some interviews with him related to the release, and really liked the look of the guitar he had designed with Ibanez.

Last year, Ibanez released a Premium-version (made in Indonesia) of it, the AT10P, and I asked Ibanez to send me one of them. Right from first picking it up, it kinda felt like home.

Its not only the comfortable body-shape, it’s a totally nice neck. It has a beefier, rounder profile than what you might know from, say, an RG or a JEM, it’s a bit more vintage-style, and feels great. It’s not bulky or anything… fast playing still is no problem at all, it just is a bit rounder and has more mass, which also affects the sound.

The pickups are great choices (the Premium-version has the same DiMarzio-pickups as the standard-version, and a very similar vibrato-system), as they offer a LOT of variety. You can go from glassy-clean to crunchy to Satriani-like lead-sounds or huge powerchords easily.
WHen I play this guitar at a clinic, I play a song called “You Gave Me Colors”, which I wrote on this guitar, and throughout the song, I utilize many of the sounds available from it… in the background, you hear lush clean chords with some chorus on it.
The first melody/verse is played with the bridge- and middle-pickup in combination and the volume rolled down to a very low setting. During the song, I don’t lower the gain on the amp (I do switch an overdrive for a bit more gain for the solo though), so just with that pickup-setting and the volume lowered, I get a very cool, crunchy sound.

For the second verse, I switch to just the middle-pickup, and turn up the volume a bit. In the third, shorter verse and chorus, I eventually go from the neck- to the bridge-pickup and keep raising the volume. For the solo, I use a gain-boost (overdrive-pedal) and a Wah, and the bridge-pickup handles the higher gain perfectly.

At the very end, it goes backwards, down to a quieter sound again.

So there is a lot of variety there. Once again, the guitar immediately felt like I had been playing it for quite some time already, and you might experience the exact same feeling once you try it. It combines modern sounds (with the humbuckers etc) and a strong vintage-vibe in a very natural way. Therefore, even if it’s a rather tired little cliché, we are talking a “best of both worlds” situation :b

It’s used for some of the session-work, jams and anything that has to do with blues, classic rock, fusion- or jazz-type sounds, plus some of my instrumentals.

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