Guitar Walkthrough Part 2: UV70P Universe

OK, on to the next guitar… the Universe UV90P.

See the specs HERE

This is the reissue of the classic Universe-model. It is part of the premium series, so it was built in Indonesia. As you can see in the specs, it has some awesome features and components, and it plays so incredibly well.

Getting it was a rather special moment. After all, the “Passion & Warfare” album was SO influential for me, and I remember getting that album and listening for pretty much the whole summer, over and over, staring at the beautiful artwork.
Of course, the white and swirl Universes were heavily featured in that artwork.


Both color options were pretty popular, but the black/green one was even more beloved. A lot of metal-guitarists were playing this one. I think I remember the guys in Type O Negative and Morbid Angel use black Universes, and I saw many other players use them as well.
It’s no wonder, as the combination IS really attractive.


I was asked to play some clinics using instruments from the Premium-series, and asked for this one. It arrived in the mail soon, and opening the case was… surreal, because I remembered that summer of listening to P&W over and over.
I fell in love with the look and even more, the feel of this guitar right away, and it immediately felt like I had been playing it forever.
I had played the JEM7V7 (seven-string JEM) for months already, and somne people have wondered why I’d use a Universe if I had the more luxurious and more expensive JEM too. It’s simple… both DO sound a bit different. The UV sounds a bit brighter, more “wirey”, which means it has awesome articulation even with incredibly distorted sounds.
It has the same pickups (DiMarzio Blaze), but a different bridge, and both guitars feel and sound a bit different.
In preparation for the clinic, I played the UV for weeks, and totally fell in love with it… even with the wider neck required for seven strings, it’s so easy and comfortable to play, and it sounds great.

Add to that the nostalgia-factor, the fact that I grew up jonesing for a Universe, having posters of Vai playing it on my walls. And the Premium-reissue is just an awesome rock- and metal-guitar which is incredibly comfortable to play… and very addictive!
Will be featured a lot on the upcoming EVB-album and new recordings by VM!


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