Guitar walkthrough Part 1: “Old faithful”

Its been quite some time since I last posted something here. My apologies!!

Anyway, since the website has now been redesigned and relaunched, I wanted to do a little “cross-communication” by adding some content through this blog. So what I would like to do is talk about the gear-section, and walk you through the guitars I use, posting a bit of info about them, why I like and  chose them and, in case something was changed about them, tell you about any mods.

There’s not gonna be any order of preference or anything… I’ll just start with a random one, in this case… “Old Faithful”.

ImageThis is a 1992 RG 450. First of all, here is some info on the 450-models. So yes, this one was built in Japan, and the quality is amazing, Even after all these years, it holds up great. Some maintenance work had to be done, but it still has the first set of frets, the vibrato-system still holds the tuning perfectly even when I go nuts on it, and the neck feels amazing.

The pickups were replaced with Dean DMT signature-pickups that I still had from my time as a Dean-endorser. The original pickups were very cool, yet I was looking for a slightly different sound, and the pickups I installed were the perfect choice. In the bridge-position, there is a “Shredhead” Vinnie Moore humbucker, while in the neck-position, I have a “Hands Without Shadows” Michael Angelo pickup.
Both of them aren’t overkill “insane output” type humbuckers, but maintain great clarity even at high gain, deliver tons of punch and clear up nicely with the volume-knob.
It’s amazing how well the guitar holds up, and when I brought it to my favorite luthier, he was very impressed by the quality and said “Don’t ever give this guitar away!”
The string action and neck profile both are incredibly comfortable, and the guitar by now feels like an extension of my body.

It is equipped with D’Addario .009-.042 strings, and I use it for practicing, jam-sessions, some studio-work and Aterial, as it definitely sounds perfect for hard rock and metal.
The guitar fits like a glove, and the name “old faithful” truly is deserved… this one has been through hell and back, and never lets me down.

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