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Guitar Walkthrough Pt. 5: Ibanez RG350

For info and specs on this model, click here Right after starting to play the electric guitar, I started modding them, exchanging components etc. Sometimes it was in order to fine-tune the instrument to my playing-style and sound, but back when I started doing that, it was for budget reasons. I couldn’t afford instruments that […]

The new D’Addario XLNY/Formula 3 strings

I have been beta-testing the new XLNY/”Formula3″ strings by D’Addario for about a week now, as Daniel G. at Meinl was nice enough to send me two beta-sets. According to the letter by Jim D’Addario that came with them, the goal was to make the most durable string they could possibly develop. And it shows, […]

Back to the roots… kinda

Whenever I feel like I’m in a rut or stuff gets discouraging, it always help to go back to the reasons I started playing the electric guitar…it actually was quite a wild mix of incluences…if you wanna call it that, as I am talking about the things that would make a little boy go “OK, […]

Venus Meadow – As Far As Hearts Can Feel

On Dec 19th, 2013, “As Far As Hearts Can Feel”, the debut-album of Venus Meadow was released. We had a nice pre-release online-party over at VBNav-Radio (thanks again to the awesome staff and everyone who tuned in or was even in the chat!) It sure felt good to release those songs eventually. After all, we […]

Guitar Walkthrough Part 4: Ibanez JEM 7V7

(the next part of the little “guitar-walkthrough”, in combination with my gear-page) SPECS Last year, there was some need for a seven-string for some recordings I was doing. I had owned seven-strings before, but that was a while ago, so I was looking through the Ibanez-catalogue, and immediately was attracted to the JEM7V7, which had […]

Guitar walkthrough Part 3: Ibanez AT10P

(This is the third post about the guitars I use, related to my gear-page)   SPECS I think I first saw Andy Timmons’ signature model when he released “Ear-X-Tacy 2” (he did have prototypes on the artwork of his solo-debut though). Back then, I read some interviews with him related to the release, and really […]

Devin Townsend “Kingdom”-performance

I ran across this over on Facebook, and was totally blown away by it. Devin is playing and singing his song “Kingdom” for EMG TV, and wow, there is so much I could say about this. Guess I’ll have to ramble a bit. I first heard about Devin when he became the singer for Steve […]