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Random thoughts on cables

Before I begin, let me point out that these, just like the subject line suggests, are random thoughts on cables, of course focussing on the guitar and guitar rigs. I don’t plan on going too much into physics, recommend a load of different ones, or go even as far as writing about stuff like directional […]

Lick Of The Week: Picking 3/6

Here is the third of the six picking-licks I posted back then, great for working on your picking, so you might wanna eventually  put all six exercises into your practicing session. And a video-version:

Sound vs. tone

….or actually, not “vs.”, because both are supposed to go hand in hand. It’s really such a huge topic, and I can only hope to even scratch the surface in a mere blog-post (I dove into it a bit deeper in my book, but I could just as well consider writing a whole book just […]

“Atlanta Dawn” Warmup

I can’t stress often enough how important it is to warm up thoroughly before you start playing or practicing. Seriously, it doesn’t take long, and it will prevent most injuries that might keep you from playing for quite some time. Of course, a warmup shouldn’t be totally demanding regarding speed, stretches or anything… that would […]

Lick of the week: Picking Lick 2

This is the second in a series of 6 picking licks that, when used a lot, can really improve your picking quite a bit. As I said, those were posted in the original version of the blog as well, so I am reposting them one by one now. Always make sure that you actually pick […]