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Lick Of The Week: Picking Exercise 1

This is a repost, I did post these in the old version of the blog, and apparently, these were very popular. This is a series of six rather simple picking-exercises, all based on the key of Em, in 12th position. Its always the same notes, but in different order, different sequences, and each of these […]


(I posted this before) One thing that really worries me a bit sometimes is the current state of ear training/transcribing. I have to be careful so this won’t sound like a “Ahh, you know, back then, we did it the REAL way or anything” type post though =) What I am talking about is very […]

“Eye Of The Storm”

Just found this video. It has VERY low audio- and video-quality, but hey, I figured Id post it anyway, as there is no recorded version of the “Eye Of The Storm” solo yet (I only play one in that song live). It’s so much fun to play that one… the song is very uplifting, and […]

Listening recommendations late June 2012

OK, time for the first batch of listening recommendations. Actually, those are a list of what’s in my heavy rotation right now, so it’s usually a mix of older and newer stuff, some of it popular, some of it more obscure. As usual, the covers will be links to the Amazon-store… if you prefer other […]

Hello world…again =)

Soooo I decided to restart the blog. I guess I should call it “V2.0”. I think quite a few of you remember the old version, which was closed in, I think, late 2010. Back then, several things came together: – I really didn’t find any time anymore to add new posts, and I figured if […]